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Massages in Southend-On-Sea
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Last review: 7 March 2020

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Very sexy thai model doing sensual massage

7 March 2020
Goes by the names "naughty-sara" and "linley" "lydia". She is a 26/27 year-old thai girl with a nice personality and a great body. Her flat is in a quiet cul-de-sac in the centre of rochford, seven or eight minutes walk from the station. She offers "full body massage with happy ending hand relief" at £90 for an hour (or £50 for half-an-hour), which is probably the going rate in any local tug shop and here you have her all to yourself in her flat. And that is exactly what she does - no extras (beyond what is described) so you pay your money and leave at the end with your reserve money intact. Her aw advert suggests she does oral and a few other things too, but she doesn't. Even in the b2b she keeps a thong on and you can't touch her below the waist. Mind you, her photos on the site are a sight to behold (as are her boobs, which are amazing and feel natural). The massage is done on her bed. She keeps her dress on to start with, kneeling by your side on the bed. In fdm, she does your back, shoulders and neck, down to your butt, and it is a good and firm. Nothing very sensual up to this point. Then she moves to kneel between your legs and spends ten or fifteen minutes on your butt and upper thighs, which is very sensual. She has lost her dress by now and is nude except for the thong, which she keeps on throughout. She will tease, reach under but only briefly, and use a lot of butterfly touches with her fingers and finger nails. She really knows how to turn a man on. In face-up mode she works on your middle stump and is in no rush, as there is still plenty of time on the clock. There's a short break for a clean up, and she now puts her clothes back on, and then uses the rest of the time massaging you again face-down. I was disappointed by the very limited access, but she did do exactly what it said on the tin and she did it really well. She says she gets a lot of return customers. I would just add that she is extremely security conscious. I don't begrudge her that. So you might have to phone her more than once and leave a message. I found texting works best. When you do get through, she will confirm a booking easily enough, but you then have to text her back on the day to confirm. Then you're given a postcode, which you discover is unique to her block of flats, then when you arrive at the flats, you tell her and she tells you which of several entrances to go to, and then when you are standing at that door, you text her again and she buzzes you in. Then as you climb the stairs a door opens, and she is standing there with her finger to her lips - "don't make a sound" - until you're inside. Fortunately I know rochford well, so I had no difficulty finding the site (once I had googled her postcode). A very acceptable experience, subject to the limitations. I wish her well.
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  • County: Southend-On-Sea
  • City: Southend-On-Sea
  • Class: Massages
  • Price:  51-100 ££
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  • Are the ad pictures real?: Yes
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