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Last review: 13 June 2020

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Erotic massage

13 June 2020
Billed as "a lovely girl escort from japan first time in chelmsford", I decided I wouldn't tell her what I wanted from her. She is "specialised in oriental adult service skills" and "specially trained in providing the ultimate relief and relaxation", so I decided to let her run the session. This turned out to be the only way, as she didn't speak very much english at all. But that was fine - when I asked her what we would do, she said, "massage, blow job and sex", and she followed exactly that routine. Whilst quite different from the photos, she was absolutely stunning and probably around 20 years old. She had the most beautiful bush too (to my taste), shaped but otherwise completely untrimmed. A delight to behold. Everything was done nude with a lot of grace. The massage was quite strong and she had clearly been "trained". There were no sensual moments until about 15 minutes in, while I was still face down. Then she reached under between my legs, prompting me to lift up and she spent the next ten or fifteen minutes in the erogenous zone. Again I would say she had been trained, because there was a definite routine, sometimes soft, sometimes stronger, always inventive. The best I have had anywhere (and that's not just because I had been starved for so long due to the lockdown). It was worth the whole experience just for that. Then she suddenly stopped and said, "turn over". By now I was dripping with pre-cum. The massage part of the routine was over, she cleaned and dried me and then put a condom on me for the bj, which followed, but deliberately not to climax. Again, a very varied set of moves which were a delight, and also the condom didn't seem to limit the sensations - I could feel her tongue darting around, for example. She refused owo, but that didn't diminish the experience. Then, just as abruptly, she stopped, took off the condom and put another one on, which she said was "for sex", so I think the first one must have been especially thin (very considerate of her!). The problem with the sex was that she was still bone dry herself and was relying on lube, and I had to give up on her. So instead a very satisfying hj was administered, again with all the invention and variety that makes it so good. She was in no hurry, as I had booked her for an hour. We had about 20 minutes left on the clock so she went back to massaging my back, which was ok but no longer sensual in any way, and we finished ten minutes early. Would I go back? For the massage and the sensuality quality of everything she did, she is the best. The big downside was the lack of any ability to communicate with her, the mechanical nature of everything - probably all timed by practice like a bit of japanese technology - and her reluctance to let me play with her. Her boobs were within limits (but only while she was getting on with something else in her routine), but she wouldn't stop to give any attention to what I wanted. Well, I suppose that is often the norm with a massage, but the ad had offered "full service" and there were definite limits. I did leave the place satisfied with what she had given me, which was actually the best i'd had anywhere, but not with what I didn't get - the personal attention - which would have been routine for any other provider. I'd say she was strictly a sensual massage provider (the best there is), delivered nude and with the bonus of being young and sexy, but too mechanical and lacking any personality whatsoever! Like having sex with a beautiful machine. Price at £100 all in, very reasonable.
When and where
  • County: Chelmsford
  • City: Chelmsford
  • Class: Massages
  • Price:  51-100 ££
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  • Are the ad pictures real?: No
  • Enhanced breasts: No
  • Pubic area: Natural
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercing: None
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