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Last review: 17 April 2019

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Not going back

17 April 2019
Was in a bit of a quandary about this report, as Rachelle was a very friendly girl and parts of the punt were alright. However, the overriding feeling of the punt was I was a rushed and the service wasn't that good. The feeling I had in the car on the way home was disappointment. We started off with a back rub that wasn't particularly sensual or therapeutic. Then she asked me to turn over before applying the condom (she doesn't do bbj). Her technique was really quite nice and she has got some skills in that department, but the time spent doing this was pretty limited. We agreed before she started the O that after some time she?d swing her leg over me so we'd move into the 69 position. She did this, but again the time spent in the 69 was a limited and it wasn't long before she jumped off and asked to go at it doggy. This part was pretty nice, as she has a lovely arse which is made for doggy, but unfortunately I was feeling rushed and the old chap was starting to not wanting to play. She did ask me if I wanted to try A levles for an extra 30, but I didn't really have the cash or the inclination. In the end we finished with Rachelle giving me a hand job, but this wasn't done very well and stopping at the crucial time. I did ask about cob, but this was an extra 10, so I didn't bother. To sum up, I think in terms of paying for the service that I received I can't recommend her and I wouldn't be back to repeat the performance.
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  • Visited in: April 2019
  • County: Swansea
  • City: Swansea
  • Class: Escort
  • Price:  51-100 ££
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Hi love...

Im new girl in your town my name is clarice Im brunette long haier i like to have to much fun call me for have moments unforgettable xx...

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  • 12/06/2019 - AdultWork - Swansea (Swansea)
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