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Last review: 29 January 2021

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If only I could leave 0 stars, avoid unless you like poor service...

29 January 2021
If only I could leave 0 stars, avoid unless you like poor service... Okay, so I don't leave reviews, on the basis that my turn off may be someone else's turn on. However, I had such an awful experience, it decided to let you make an informed decision before parting with your cash. I arranged to see sophia, at short notice and she sent me prices and her address. On arrival, she met me at the stair door and showed me to her apartment, which was tiny. I asked for a shower and she showed me to the bathroom. The whole apartment was old, smelly and falling apart. The shower curtain was half hanging off the rail, but hey, the water was hot... the room. Was tiny and it was 2 single beds pushed together with a single divan mattress... So. Sophia, looks zero like her pics... zilch, no resemblance at all... she is small under 5' and very tubby, she took off her top, bra, and kept her big pants and tights on, (picture lots of overhang from her tummy over her tights waistline. I lay on my front on a blanket laid out in the bed, that smelled a bit. She played a chinese /taiwanese program on her phone, until she got a message 10 minutes into the massage and answered it, then it was silent... She poured lots of oil on me and started rubbing... I mean like she was trying to remove my skin... no technique, and quite painful on my spine. She massaged me with her breasts, but it felt like she'd never done it before and was so uninterested in me. Even the ball tickle was awful, and felt half-hearted. She sat beside me and patted my back for a bit, while when was on her phone. I rolled over on request, and she piled oil on my bits straight away, no front body massage and started like she was in a sprint race on my shaft... then 1 minute of breasts on my shaft before lazily sitting at my feet and looking around while pulling me off. I paid for an hour, but closed my eyes thought of other fantasies (not here and with her) until I came. She cleaned me off and with 20 minutes left, I waited while she washed her hands for 8 minutes next door, and decided to get dressed leave and register here to leave a review for you with my remaining time. Not going back and would not recommend her. She said she spent 3 years in england before heading north... I have no idea why there's not more reviews about the poor service already... avoid!
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  • County: Edinburgh
  • City: Edinburgh
  • Class: Massages
  • Price:  101-200 £££
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  • 30/12/2020 - Vivastreet - Midlothian (Midlothian)
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