A quick course on how to make a Review EA

A quick course on how to make a Review

We thank those who have given their valuable suggestions so that from today we shall communicate them via this short guide. We would like to remind that even though EA works mainly by allocating stars, a review must always  be a recount of a personal experience so then it can be useful to other EA Members. We will analyze this in detail later.

Now we need to clarify what is a “rating”, the criteria with which you allocate stars to an Escort:


A) 1 Star - Very Bad

This opinion should be given only in cases of extreme discomfort, in particular for dangerous situations (insults, violence, abduction, etc.) and proper fraud. Completely false photos, totally unsatisfactory encounters, should all be valued at least 2 stars. This will give us the opportunity to compile a realistic blacklist of situations to avoid.

B) 5 Stars - Excellent
This rating is reserved for excellence. The encounter must be perfect under every aspect: dress, beauty, cleanliness, personal care, performance, before and after communication, ambiance etc. This type of opinion should also be made on the basis of subjective elements: financial factors and relating to your personal appearance (looks, cleanliness etc). Obviously, if you are a model, you have spent the day at a beauticians and you offer 10 times the base rate, nearly all the Escorts will transform into 5 stars. But this will not help other “normal users” users to understand what type of service they could obtain.
As these ratings (1 & 5 stars) draw more attention to our very attentive Members, we suggest, in case you will use them, to justify them accordingly so they can be considered trustworthy and will not be flagged by other Users.

A) Justify your statements

Writing “she’s amazing”  or “it was an awful encounter” are exclamations  that on their own mean nothing, if you say something prove it with facts. The best strategy is the most simple one: say how the meeting went just like it happened. The other users will be able to make their own idea.

B) Fake photos
Remember to point out if the photos in the ad are real or fake, and if it is fake we suggest to give a description of the person you met at the appointment. As with the previous point it is irrelevant to say: “it’s not the person in the photo but it was still worth it”. Instead, by giving a brief description you will give the possibility  to others to decide  if it’s something worthwhile for them or not. We would like to remind you that we do not accept reviews by authors that have not met the escort and limit themselves to reporting fake pictures by looking on Google images or other web tools. If you want to report an ad with fake pictures send us an email via our contact us section.

C) Punctuation
Avoid using “CAPS”, using dots (….), and any other useless elements that may make reading difficult. Instead of dots you can use a comma or a period. Many users will be grateful for these small precautions as most of them will read these reviews on a Smartphone or tablet where the view is reduced and may be compromised by these writing elements.

We would like to remind you that reviews will not be posted if the Escort’s telephone number is not public domain. If the Escort’s number doesn’t exist on the web but has been provided in another way, the review will not be posted. If you want to make sure that the number is public domain at the moment you’re writing the review, Google it.

Before finishing this first part of suggestions, we would like to give the review readers some pointers:

1) Consider the Escort’s ratings reliable with at least two similar reviews.
As with all sites that have user reviews, also on EA we have the problem of fraudulent reviews and in most cases out team will trace them thanks to warnings and to further reviews by other EA users.

2). Judge the reliability of the review based on the authors reputation.
You can check the reliability by looking at the number of reviews and useful votes (likes) given by other users.