Escort Reviews have a long history EA

Escort Reviews have a long history

The publication of “Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies” in 1757 is one of the first distributed examples of “client’s experiences” relating to encounters with prostitutes.  Already since then there was a need for information on the quality of the Escorts who played an important role in society at the time.

With the arrival of new technologies, today it’s the clients themselves that have the possibility, in a completely anonymous way, to express their opinions on sex professionals, describing their experiences and giving useful information to other users. Until recently this role was performed only by internet forums, while now with EA, users have the opportunity to have a proper search engine to find Escort Reviews, prostitutes, erotic masseurs and trans via their telephone number and seeing immediately the scores they have gained.

This system already in use on many websites to evaluate clients’ satisfaction who buy products or various services comes as an easy and simple way to do research. It is also possible to find results for free even without registering to the site.

Naturally, all users are invited to collaborate actively to the Community, by making their contribution to benefit all the other users of Escort Advisor.