Wanna talk dirty? EA

Wanna talk dirty?

Part of the sexual intercourse, whether with an Escort or your everyday partner is pretty much aroused by the "dirty talk".

Of course, it's all about being comfortable and practice and stimulate the largest sex organ in body: the brain.

There are many sentences one can use to turn the partner on and they don't have to be vulgar or gross, but can be said in a particularly sensual tone of voice.

Some of them can include:

  • "You make me so wet"
  • "Whatever you do, don't stop"

  • "I need you inside me" or "I wan to be inside you right now"

  • "I can't get enough of you touching me"

In addition, Sexting can be a great alternative.
Writing your own partner that you will wait for him/her to come back and rip off his/her pants, sounds really sexy, isn' it?
You can be as funny and provocative as you'd like using Emojis to highlight your mood: flowers, fruits, smiles can be the most original way to speak your mind.

Want to have more inspiration for your encounters?

EA Team