Reviews: What are the advantages? EA

Reviews: What are the advantages?

One of the many advantages and benefits of Escort Advisor is the chance to know who you are going to meet.
But the website doesn't work just by itself. To help you finding the best experience possible, it needs your reviews!
Positive or negative, they are both useful.
By reading reviews, as a user, you have the opportunity to avoid bad experiences or scams.
As an escort you have the chance to stay at the top rank of your city and it gives you the incentive to continue to improve your service.

Long story short, what are the actual advantages for users and escorts?



As a user, you will be able to:

- Read honest reviews
- Tell your own experience
- Be sure about the services of an escort

And, last but not least, writing reviews is free and anonymous!


As an Escort, reviews help you to:

- Improve your reputation
- Create and strengthen the trust with new customers
- Positive customer's feedback

Not bad, right?
Come on, write yours!