The decision to become an Escort EA

The decision to become an Escort

Becoming an escort is a tough topic since it is commonly thought that, every escort, is forced to sell her body to make money. Well, it is not like that.
Escorts have a lot of sexual power and they are aware of that. Many choose deliberately to start this job and they know and it's not just about the money: you have to offer sexual and intimate moments to the client.
If you're doing it just for the cash, the customer will sense it.

Over the last few years, becoming an escort has been encouraged by the internet, giving women the chance to choose the man they want to escort.
In the same way, the internet has encouraged men to look for escorts, now they have the help of websites like Escort Advisor.
Being able to choose among many reviews from other users, they can be sure who they are dating for that night.


What does it feel like to be an escort? That's a question many women think about, asking themselves if it's legal and moral to sell yourself.
As soon as they read more about it, they understand that it's a world with its intruguing and fascinating aspects and perks, as well as its rules and etiquette.

What holds women back from this type of job? Probably, the tought of meeting a difficult client.
The art is the art of saying "No" and learn how to use it. An escort should never forget that the client is paying for her time and services and that she is always in control of the situation.

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