How to make an appointment with an escort? EA

How to make an appointment with an escort?

Here are few tips to follow to make the experience as easy as possible.


- Be calm and be yourself. Most escorts are real professionals and they won't judge you.

- Examine the laws in your area, just to be sure you don't break any of them.
Also, be careful and read the info and the ads the escort has provided on her website: this will help you to understand in advance what you will expect from the meeting.

- Check when she will be available: an escort working during the day won't be so happy to answer the phone in the dead of night.

- Ask yourself why you are calling an escort. Are you looking for a romantic relationship? Do you think it would be okay to offend her and call her names? Or are you trying to make your wife jealous? The escort won't be able to stand these kind of behaviours.


- Breathe and dial the number. Be yourself and try to sound natural. But remember that escorts don't answer to anonymous phone numbers.

- Say your name and tell her where you saw her ad and that you'd like to meet her. Talk to her like you would do with any other service supplier.

- If something is not clear, feel free to ask her, but don't let her repeat what she has already written on her website.

- Be specific when you tell her what you'd like to do but, if she refuses, don't force her to change her mind.

- Tell her your availability. Don't let her choose day and time of the meeting.

- Call her once you're ready to meet her. Otherwise, if you choose the site of the meeting, she'll be the one to call you.

- Remember that she invests time and money to meet you: if you change your mind about the encounter, call her and apologize politely.
Don't hurt her feelings.

- Last but not least, have fun, be a gentleman and be cautious!

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