How do you find an Escort? EA

How do you find an Escort?

Thanks to the internet, finding an escort is way easier than before.
Though there are many pros, choosing an escort can also be a dangerous business given that you need to know their lingo, how and where to keep your money and so on.
Here, you'll find some tips for searching and metting an Escort.


- First, you need to look for a reputable escort directory site: Escort Advisor provides you the chance to look for a specific number of an independent sex worker or an agency and read the reviews of other users.
Keep in mind that agencies in the UK are a good option since, very often, they offer a valuable choice of high end girls but at a higher price.
- Categories make your choice easier: young, mature, brunette, blonde, busty, slim, curvy. Remember that, many girls, use fake pictures or they blur their face: thanks to EA reviews, you will always know the truth behind a profile.
This is also the right moment to choose for a meet-up, a date, or an all night appointment.

- You get what you pay for, so choose carefully.
Be sure to stay in your range of price and do not waste your time negotiating with an escort: she won’t lower the amount she has already set.
- Usually, when the price is not shown in the profile, the cost of the escort is higher than average.

- When you call her, use discretion, be polite and make sure to use code-words for the services you want. If you are too direct, there is a good chance that the escort will ignore your call.
- In case of an in-call appointment, be sure to know where you are heading: a bad neighbourhood or a place too close to your home are not the best choices.


- Be careful whenever you notice something strange going on at the place of the meeting.
- Take just your mobile phone, cash and keys with you.
- Show the escort you have the agreed amount of money.
- Be sure of her age: if she's under 18, you are breaking the law.
- If you are asked to, take a shower, but think about bringing money, keys and mobile phone with you. You might offend the escort with this gesture, but better safe than sorry.

- Get comfortable: it is easier once the escort sees your donation. Also, she’ll be more at ease if you talk using “code words” instead of asking right out for sex.
- Leave the location as soon as your experience is over and, if you met at a motel, leave at different times.

We wish we helped you with these few tips.
Now, are you ready to have a five star experience?

EA Team