How do you become an Escort? EA

How do you become an Escort?

An escort provides entertainment not just sexual services, but also good companionship and offering quality time.
There are many things to consider and evaluate, not just financially but also physically and emotionally.
Here are some tips on how to become a professional Escort, if you think it’s the right job for you!


- The best way to get started as an Escort in the UK is through agencies. Join a reputable one if you are new to the industry. Instead of working as an independent, agencies give you the advantage of selecting your customers, protecting you from unsafe situations and monitoring your appointments.
- Pick a first name and last name for your escort persona. This protects your true identity and makes it easier to advertise your services.
- Set up good and eye catching profiles to advertise your services. Write a short introduction about yourself. You can reach a wider audience by having your profile on many sites. More importantly what the client sees is what they expect to find. If possible hire a professional photographer for best results.


- Be careful of the laws: some countries differ from others in terms of regulations.
- It is completely legal to work in the UK. Both escort businesses and the prostitution industry have the same laws. An escort can freely work in the UK as long as she is over 18 and must to pay taxes based on her income.
You can read a clear explanation about the UK's rules on this subject here.


- It’s best to dress professionally and classy, unless the customer has a special request.
- Be polite, but also confident and assertive, so you can always be in control of the situation. Many clients just want to have a nice chat and to spend time with you. Remember it's always important to be clear about the services you provide and stay faithful to your rules. Never be afraid to say “no”.
- Lastly, always ask for a payment in advance, don’t wait for the end of the appointment to receive the money.


- Stay safe and use condoms! Make sure to get sexual health checks at least 3-4 times a year, especially if you work as an independent: agencies have a specific requirements for how often you need to get tested.
- Exercising regularly and eating well will help you with your overall health.
- Take care of your mental health by talking to other escorts you trust. It’s just as important as taking care of your body. This will help you to cope with stress and emotional breakdowns.
- Last but not least, whenever you feel unsafe, leave any situation immediately.


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