Rules for reviewers.

A review is a detailed written account of a date with an Escort sent to the portal and shared with the other Community users. We encourage all Members of the Community to be sincere and honest regarding the experience described and to conform to the review publication rules. The reviews must be:

- Written by persons that have had a real date: we accept only reviews that describe personal experiences with Escorts.
- Suitable for all: we do not accept threatening reviews, racial comments, incitement to hate, gratuitous vulgar language or other contents deemed not suitable to our Community.
- Reviews that do not refer to a meeting with an Escort but that deal with other aspects such as: availability, punctuality, location, etc., will be published only if they provide a useful objective report to other users.
- Useful to other users: we do not accept contents which is not pertinent to the date like generic discussions or comments of a political, ethical or religious nature.
We do not accept accusations, attempts of defamation or statements that want to discredit contributions by other reviewers.
- Independent and unambiguous: only one review is allowed for each number.
- Authentic: we do not accept reviews published elsewhere, including websites.
- Not for commercial purposes: we do not accept promotional materials of any sort, including self-referential URLs
- Referred to Escort in question: the review must be unequivocally related to a specific Escort that satisfies the insertions requirements.
- Written by adults 18+
- Email validity: the email linked to the account must be correct and reachable.
- We do not accept texts which include HTML tags, texts with excessive use of CAPS or font symbols
- Reviews that are written for an Escort who’s telephone number is not on our database will be published after verification by our staff.


The content verification team reserves the right to remove a review when there is a suspicion that the author has broken Escort Advisor’s Rules or when a review doesn’t provide any useful information to the community. Escort Advisor does not take sides or sponsor any opinion expressed by reviewers. Conforming to the Privacy Policy, Escort Advisor is committed to not divulge any member’s details for any reason.