Privacy Policy


Escort Advisor has prepared this Privacy Policy as it gives great value to the sites Users’ privacy rights and wants to provide them information on the type of data it collects via the site, also to which ends and the way this data is treated.
As indicated in our site’s Terms and conditions, the term “User/s” includes the users, registered or not (“Members”) who use the site to search and/or review a professional of the various categories (escort, trans etc.) (jointly, “Escort”), as well as the Escorts present on Escort Advisor’s data base and use the various services offered by the site.

This policy is drafted to conform to current Italian regulation specifically to the legal declaration of Data Protection Act 1998. We strongly suggest all users to read this policy very carefully before giving Escort Advisor any personal data and to consult frequently this page, in order to know of possible variations or changes that may be applied to this policy, mainly relating to changes in the law.

By accessing this site, every user declares and recognises to be aware of the terms and conditions of this policy and of the  possible changes applied to it. We would also like to remind that third party sites, that can be referred to at designated links on this site, are regulated by a privacy policy separate from this one. For any questions regarding this policy, every user can get in touch with us via the contact form (if you are a registered or non registered user). If you are a registered Escort on the site, please go into your reserved area “for Escort” and write to us via the contact section.