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Escort 07398081485
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Last review: 15/11/2017
"After a rough week i needed a good massage and some stress relief. Jo came up on my s ..."
Found on the:  07/02/2018

Escort 07949029901
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Last review: 03/05/2018
"As per her pictures Jess is a stunner who knows how to use her body to full effect. S ..."
Found on the:  05/12/2019

Escort 07786548910
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Last review: 09/02/2020
"Amazing time with lovely friendly girl... but where have you gone? I would love to se ..."
Found on the:  23/01/2019

Escort 07402445574
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Last review: 27/08/2020
"Awesome escort, she won't see anyone who is rude or has bad manners. I've been bookin ..."
Found on the:  11/06/2019

Escort 07377184602
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Last review: 29/01/2018
"Sexy romanian with all the right curves, yummy! Warm and friendly, lovely skin and a ..."
Found on the:  21/02/2018

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