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Escort Rhondda Cynon Taff

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Escort in Rhondda Cynon Taff
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Last review: 22/05/2018
"Gorgeous lady, mature great breasts and body. Fantastic wardrobe and 100% enjoys herself. One of the best in south Wales."
Found on the:  30/01/2018

Escort in Rhondda Cynon Taff
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 22/05/2018
"Fab lady loves role-playing, loves her sex and squirts. All in, all worth every penny and more. However book her alone, no too fussed on her mate. Paid for both ladies in the advert great other not so."
Found on the:  12/03/2020

Escort in Rhondda Cynon Taff
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 12/03/2020
"Never ever give this lady a bank transfer, her phone is on perm international calls so not in the country. She asks for deposits then never turns up I know of a few guys that have sent her deposits but never go to see her just lots of text excuses. She also comes up as kaseyrose so what out guys be "
Found on the:  19/03/2020

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