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Escort Newcastle upon Tyne

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Escort 07368273167
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 7 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 06/05/2019
"Excellent meeting. Scarlett's a lovely girl. Good communication and accurate photos. Would see again."
Found on the:  27/03/2023

Escort 07842460313
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 1 of 20
  • 6 Reviews
Last review: 04/11/2020
"Sex ban from wife continues so I was looking for a little bit of fun and relief. Saw Jessica was available and booked. Clear communication, nice incall location and lucky find. Jessica's photographs are a true reflection. She is tall, slim, toned and incredibly beautiful. On arrival I found myself s"
Found on the:  19/08/2021

Escort 07438328849
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 2 of 20
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 18/06/2019
"She is out of this world. She literally enjoys sucking it and gave me a bbj that left me breathless. She also loves being spanked and I didn't mind slapping that rounded ass that just begs to be punished. Her pussy is gorgeous and if you like giving oral, then this is the girl for you. She moans a l"
Found on the:  29/01/2020

Escort 07395778310
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 3 of 20
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 06/06/2019
"Easy to find clean and discrete flat. Sarah enjoys her work and is not a clock watcher, we had great foreplay, sex and then massage. I would visit again."
Found on the:  07/10/2019

Escort 07340461522
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 4 of 20
  • 3 Reviews
Last review: 31/05/2021
"Chantelle is a gorgeous star that offers such a warm GFE. Doggy position is my favourite with Chantelle. I would think she’s a size 4-6. Pretty decent snogging."
Found on the:  04/04/2022

Escort 07480287865
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 5 of 20
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 18/10/2018
"Amazing. She is such a playful, teasing, beautiful and open minded lover. You will be taken to new places."
Found on the:  21/10/2020

Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 6 of 20
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 28/11/2019
"Wow what an experience, met this beautiful lady a while back now and what a night we had, not one to miss and i'll be back again definitely."
Found on the:  21/04/2021

Escort 07712264290
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 8 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 19/02/2018
"I liked the look of Sarah so I booked for 1hr and went up to the room to have some fun. The session started with a back massage which was reasonable, but I wanted to play more so after only a few minutes we’d quickly moved onto running our hands over each and exploring each other&#821"
Found on the:  07/03/2018

Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 9 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 14/10/2022
"Lara is the BEST escort I've ever met! Her body is MUCH more beautiful than the pictures! Clean, dressed nicely, sexy and everything you can wish! Chatting with her over a cup of wine while kissing and cuddling her was just amazing! And the sex she provides, is your true fantasy!! 1 hour plus, s"
Found on the:  26/02/2023

Escort 07496013717
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 10 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/10/2020
"On Saturday I had my second duo booking with Lady Kate and Pearl, what an experience. Comms were great, lovely place and two fantastic ladies made for a fabulous time. The girls are friendly, chatty and fun puttimg me at ease from the moment I got there. Both have got great bodies with Kate being r"
Found on the:  04/02/2021

Escort 07908769049
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 11 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 19/08/2020
"In the words of Tina Turner, simply the best...this girl just gets better every time, soo much fun, amazing at what she does and a stunning body.She makes sure you feel at home and puts you at ease. Totally wonderful!!"
Found on the:  20/07/2020

Escort 07497694268
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 12 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 01/11/2015
"See pretty girl in her good and quiete flat. She was at the door. She is an amazing girl. Stunning with a great smile and fantastic body, way better than the photos. she was dressed as requested, I was really excited. In the fist 30 min session it was mainly oral pussy ways. She is very very goo"
Found on the:  03/12/2015

Escort 07399422891
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 13 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 20/02/2018
"Very gorgeous girl with big eyes and long hair that goes everywhere when she is fucking. The main feature of her though is her cute arse that she knows how to use. Once the cash is exchanged she will come over to you and back her ass up into your hands. I like both big asses and cute tiny arses, thi"
Found on the:  22/12/2021

Escort 07464818274
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 14 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 30/11/2015
"She's pretty face with interesting tattoos, lovely breasts with very suckable nipples and very nice accent. We did`nt discuss much, we just explored every orifice. She tasted great. I leapt on the bed and gave me a deep throated kiss. The wicked wench was halfway down my throat, while her hand was r"
Found on the:  08/06/2016

Escort 07531242645
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 15 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/11/2015
"Very discreet place and safe. She is a good looking girl with wonderful natural breasts, great skin, and a trim figure. She was very friendly, made me feel comfortable during all our meeting. She open the door, looking more beautiful and sexy than I could imagine. Check out her pictures and private "
Found on the:  26/04/2021

Escort 07405804851
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 16 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 03/11/2015
"Lady with a amazing body, pert tits and a big ass, that's what I saw in her nice and clean apartments. Very good. made me relaxed immediately,she was smiling, polite, well spoken and was clear that she was going to make sure we both enjoyed ourselves. Started off with some very passionate DFK. "
Found on the:  05/12/2018

Escort 07570532641
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 17 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/06/2019
"Not the one in the pic but cute and young with a nice shaved pussy. A wonderful time with this beautiful, friendly and sexy thai lady. Nice body massage and oral at the end. I left with a huge smile on my face! 30min in total. Not bad at all."
Found on the:  30/08/2019

Escort 07774967752
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 18 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 12/07/2019
"Slim, pretty enough for me, wonderful breasts. This was an unfortunate experience. This young woman doesn't offer any 'extras'. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but anything restrictive is a bit of a turn off for me. Especially when drip fed during the session - 'I don't do that' etc. I could "
Found on the:  27/07/2019

Escort 07438874915
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 19 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 16/02/2018
"Booked this girl and got her post code on a text, she told me to call 1/2 hour before I got there. when i arrived and told her what I wanted, she told me no to anal, CIM , FK and would only give a hand job. She was a big girl, not the profile at all. A guy turned up for the cash and wanted more. Dan"
Found on the:  04/09/2015

Escort 07827471259
Escort in Newcastle upon Tyne
Position: nº 20 of 20
  • 1 Review
Last review: 02/08/2015
"Bishops avenue, newcastle west, not the person in photo, I normally try a 15 min (£ 40) trial run. Seedy pad in upstairs terraced house. Had my limp penis sheathed and in her mouth before she undressed. Could not get excited enough to shoot especially when being reminded a half hour would cost £ 60."
Found on the:  24/09/2015

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