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Escort in Merseyside
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 14/09/2023
"I have seen this lady many times, she is absolutely sexy, very pretty, young, great smile, has an incredible figure and even went out on a date with her. Would absolutely love to make her mine but work is work. X Many occasions, initial rate was 130/HR but now she is doing her work for a tenner mor"
Found on the:  29/09/2023

Escort 07535315572
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 1 of 40
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 22/06/2017
"Awesome hour spent with Roxy. took her number from this site and was lucky as she said she has a regs list only now. Nice place near the Ibis, very discreet. Roxy is taller than she looks and has a superb body, very enthusiastic too! will see again soon."
Found on the:  17/05/2017

Escort in Merseyside
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 26/02/2021
"Believe it or not, a Romania girl who is independent and gives a top service. Karla is as sexy as hell. Very small boobs but responsive nipples. Gives a great bj and the sex is very, very good. And, not a clock watcher. I love variety but will definitely see K again. A joy. "
Found on the:  14/11/2022

Escort 07548385187
Escort in Merseyside
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 17/09/2020
"Excellent comms. Seen at short notice after I was let down by a Thai girl. Very chatty, pretty Romania girl. Her English is very good and she is fully independent and genuine.( In my experience unlike the vast majority of Romania girls.) Eager to please, no clock watching. Services I requested all"
Found on the:  25/09/2020

Escort 07495042709
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 4 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 09/05/2019
"House in suburban street. Nice and tidy. Felt safe but then it was in a nice area. Only really saw the bedroom which was nice. Twas a bloody cold night but nice and warm in the house. Blonde hair with nice curves. Nice bum. And a nice smile which doesn't come out in her photos. She was in a short d"
Found on the:  15/05/2019

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 5 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 10/07/2020
"Well i didn't like the area, as it was a block of flats. But she's since moved. Other than that, it was a positive experience. She's very domme if you're into that kind of thing. But does cater for other things too. Attractive. Recommended"
Found on the:  01/03/2020

Escort 07765214740
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 6 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 04/02/2019
"Had me a great session with this porn star. Tammy was very attentive to my pleasure, paid a lot of attention in the owo, was great in 69 too, it was amazing, performed rimming, prostate massage, she kept sucking me hard while massaging my prostate and made me cum in her mouth, a glorious cim with sw"
Found on the:  25/02/2019

Escort 07934880697
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 7 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 26/02/2018
"Great meet, very hot girl with beautiful smile, amazing kisser, very nice and clean apartment. Her oral was deep and good and took her time and no clock watching. Recommended"
Found on the:  12/03/2019

Escort 07716116912
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 8 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 15/01/2018
"I was not sure if the girl in the pics was her but in the flesh she is even hotter That body is all real and smooth as silk, her pussy is sweet and she let me eat her out like crazy, great sex, i want to see her again"
Found on the:  07/03/2018

Escort 07597037095
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 9 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 10/01/2018
"Horny polish girl with great tits, fucked me senseless. Perfect body and her boobs are the best, gotta go to he5r again. i'm in love"
Found on the:  02/05/2018

Escort 07459451172
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 10 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 29/11/2015
"Our meet was in her house, clean and tidy, in a safe place. She is a tall blond girl, very tastefully dressed, with great personality, easy to speak to, and she offers a perfect GFE. she's Polish, but her english is perfect! This was fine as soon as I got there she gave me a kiss like some one not "
Found on the:  30/12/2015

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 12 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 03/03/2023
"I met her in coventry and yes she is the girl in the pictures and even better in person, she is a beautiful, friendly sexy girl body perfect she feels amazing and very good at everything she does great kisser you can easily fall in love with het. I paid for 30 minutes and got some extas kissing and"
Found on the:  04/03/2023

Escort 07511717337
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 13 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 05/07/2022
"Kind understanding of my needs. Just blown my minds. I was in heaven. Just amazing. Back again defo. Thanks luv It was 3 hrs long for a decent pay £200. Defo worth every penny. In her place. Yes not far from city centre"
Found on the:  28/09/2022

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 14 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 10/06/2022
"Wow... gorgeous and horny slut who knows how to please. Left me wanting more....and I don't think she would mind another go either. Fantasy's do come true. X"
Found on the:  24/08/2023

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 15 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 17/02/2022
"Great body, did everything I wanted and more. Really charming girl and absolutely beautiful. Highly recommended. Easy location to find and great comms. 30 min for £75. Well worth it. Apartment building. Easy to get in and find."
Found on the:  31/03/2022

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 16 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 08/12/2020
"Easy going, friendly very sexy and the very best bj I have ever had lol Will definitely be going back to see her again soon "
Found on the:  19/08/2020

Escort 07305223888
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 17 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 10/10/2020
"Has an awsome music taste, gothic babe she will blow your mind. Shes soft spoken with an american accent, knows how to make you comfortable straight away and between sex she is easy to talk to, doesnt give off the fake personality I get from alot of other girls "
Found on the:  17/01/2021

Escort 07916703158
Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 18 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 18/06/2020
"Her pictures are 100% accurate, she actually looks even better in real life. A very naughty tall blonde scouse party girl who really enjoys her job. The best way to describe her is it feels like you are with someone you have met in a bar or something rather than an escort. She makes you feel really"
Found on the:  17/01/2020

Mistress 07552307379
Mistress in Merseyside
Position: nº 19 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 17/05/2020
"Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful women who is very open. Loved my time with her and cant wait to she her again"
Found on the:  24/11/2022

Escort in Merseyside
Position: nº 20 of 40
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/06/2019
"Oh yes, Nathalie is a real pro. The only thing on my mind once I saw her was to touch and lick her whole body. She welcomed me with a beautiful smile. Very nice chat before starting off with her sensually dancing in front of me. She slowly undressed herself and sat on me while moving that nice ass. "
Found on the:  29/02/2020

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