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Escort 07701389493
Escort in Highland
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Last review: 26/11/2015
"In her apartment we meet, clean and safe place. Dressed in very sexy white lingerie and red boots. A truely first class beautiful, friendly, sexy goddess. We were going out for dinner but had a bit of time beforehand so had a quick session and got to see her gorgeous body naked for the first time"
Found on the:  03/12/2015

Escort 07938928450
Escort in Highland
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 30/10/2015
"In a very nice home. Shes sexy, confident, polite and funny. Started by stripping myself. She came back in we had a cuddle and a few pecks on the lips. I felt her body up and down, not an ounce of fat. After a quick but brutal wet wipe she proceeded with some ok oral. Bit of eye contact. Soon lay he"
Found on the:  14/01/2019

Escort in Highland
Position: nº 3 of 4
  • 1 Review
Last review: 22/12/2022
"She looks different then in pictures. And she is around 35-37 years old. Sex was mechanical, she didn't even try to pretend that she liked. For service and age, way to overpriced. Date was 1 hour. 150 quids plus OWC. Apartment was clean but way too small. Had a feeling that she is not only one w"
Found on the:  25/12/2022

Escort in Highland
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 01/02/2020
"Quite simply, rude, immature and brattish. Overly priced for a short and disappointing service, the girl (and that is what she was) was distracted, appeared bored and obviously didn't care. Will not recommend and not be going back."
Found on the:  13/03/2020

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