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Escort 07548501956
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Last review: 15/01/2019
"Met her last year before xmas. A superb pro wg. Very sensual experience with the htte ..."
Found on the:  09/11/2020

Escort 07497583297
Position: nº 11 of 30
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Last review: 11/03/2020
"Not the easiest person to get hold off as tends to be very busy, however in the bedro ..."
Found on the:  18/11/2020

Escort 07762627741
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Last review: 10/10/2019
"Met this absolutely stunning girl yesterday afternoon, she made me feel really relaxe ..."
Found on the:  18/11/2020

Escort 07463061407
Position: nº 1 of 30
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Last review: 10/08/2018
"The pics don't lie, a stunner. The sweetest, bustiest gfe I've ever known, then sudde ..."
Found on the:  29/03/2019

Escort 07709652170
Position: nº 2 of 30
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Last review: 02/05/2018
"Had a weekend in Brighton and fancied some fun. After looking around i found Jazz. I ..."
Found on the:  05/04/2017

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