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Escort 07379760444
Escort in Cumbria
Position: nº 2 of 4
  • 1 Review
Last review: 12/02/2018
"Had a fantastic time with her, very accommodating on such a short notice meet, very down to earth and definitely unshockable, she does it all. I can't wait for next time. A real pro in her field, no complaints."
Found on the:  26/03/2023

Escort 07585238847
Escort in Cumbria
Position: nº 1 of 4
  • 1 Review
Last review: 05/12/2017
"Steamy session with a super hot milf. She knows all the moves, very good session. Kinky!"
Found on the:  16/08/2017

Escort 07432014322
Escort in Cumbria
Position: nº 3 of 4
  • 1 Review
Last review: 17/11/2020
"Had an amazing time with a beautiful bbw can’t wait to return Lovely clean house She very polite made me relax feel at ease "
Found on the:  30/10/2020

Shemale 07493427490
Shemale in Cumbria
Position: nº 4 of 4
  • 1 Review
Last review: 18/02/2019
"Went to her home and it is a clean property and the bed room is clean and hygienic, I was very impressed with all the toys she had and the set up. Once we go started i felt like I was in heaven with the amazing blow job... this bbw is totally 100% perfect."
Found on the:  03/03/2023

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