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Updated on: 21/11/2019
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Ranking: Nº 2 of 7
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Last review: 20/01/2019
"Kate is truly stunning with amazing sexual skills. I opted for the massage and oral... wow ..."
Escort Suffolk
Found on the:  21/11/2019
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Ranking: Nº 4 of 7
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 11/10/2015
"There are punts where the UKP grading system doesn’t go low enough and there are ..."
Escort Suffolk
Price: £££
Found on the:  07/11/2019
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Ranking: Nº 1 of 7
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 24/04/2019
"Beautiful and fun service, amazing woman. Great massage stunning figure sexy as hell. Nisa ..."
Massages Suffolk
Found on the:  06/12/2018
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Ranking: Nº 5 of 7
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 02/03/2018
"Very collaborative at all times, had some nice hard sex with her, a good f****! After havi ..."
Escort Suffolk
Price: ££
Found on the:  14/11/2018
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Ranking: Nº 3 of 7
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 05/12/2017
"Nice english redhead, in the pic it's her. Clean apartment, opened the door and what a sig ..."
Escort Suffolk
Price: £££
Found on the:  07/09/2017

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