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Updated on: 05/08/2020
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Ranking: Nº 6 of 6
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 12/12/2019
"Attractive but cold and uninterested. Possibly bait and switch as other girl in apartment ..."
Escort Somerset
Found on the:  05/08/2020
Not registered
Ranking: Nº 3 of 6
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 17/04/2019
"Beautiful lady, super friendly and easy to get on with. Amazing body, pictures don't do he ..."
Escort Somerset
Found on the:  31/07/2020
Ranking: Nº 1 of 6
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 03/07/2018
"This was a very good punt overall. Covered oral was good with nice (hand) attention paid t ..."
Escort Somerset
Price: £££
Found on the:  22/11/2018
Ranking: Nº 2 of 6
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 05/02/2018
"I've been eyeing her for a while, and finally two Saturdays ago i call and she's available ..."
Escort Somerset
Price: £££££
Found on the:  31/01/2018
Ranking: Nº 4 of 6
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 13/10/2016
"I have visited this young lady several times, and despite being rather blessed with my end ..."
Escort Somerset
Price: ££
Found on the:  28/07/2016

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