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Updated on: 06/08/2020
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Ranking: Nº 5 of 31
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 10/12/2018
"Absolutely gorgeous, a body to die for and oozing sex appeal. Met me in a very sexy number ..."
Escort Merseyside
Price: £££
Found on the:  03/08/2020
Ranking: Nº 15 of 31
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 17/05/2020
"Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful women who is very open. Loved my time with her and cant wa ..."
Mistress Merseyside
Price: £££
Found on the:  05/08/2020
Ranking: Nº 1 of 31
  • (2 Reviews)
Last review: 22/06/2017
"Awesome hour spent with Roxy. took her number from this site and was lucky as she said she ..."
Escort Merseyside
Price: £££
Found on the:  18/05/2017
Ranking: Nº 2 of 31
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 10/07/2020
"Well i didn't like the area, as it was a block of flats. But she's since moved. Other tha ..."
Escort Merseyside
Found on the:  02/03/2020
Ranking: Nº 3 of 31
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 09/05/2019
"House in suburban street. Nice and tidy. Felt safe but then it was in a nice area. Only re ..."
Escort Merseyside
Price: £££
Found on the:  16/05/2019

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