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Escort 07791614140
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Last review: 13/12/2017
"Beautiful woman with lovely boobs, very welcoming and provided all the services i wan ..."
Found on the:  18/10/2020

Escort 07595514619
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  • 1 Review
Last review: 25/04/2019
"It's her in the pics. Yasmin has an exceptional body, huge natural tits and a great a ..."
Found on the:  16/10/2020

Escort 07591005896
Position: nº 22 of 23
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Last review: 29/07/2019
"Disappointing. Doesn't kiss, doesn't let you trust her breast, doesn't take off all h ..."
Found on the:  05/10/2020

Escort 07459718038
Position: nº 1 of 23
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Last review: 27/11/2017
"Asked her to show up in the sexy number on the pic and she did! Aww man, soo cute, ju ..."
Found on the:  15/03/2018

Escort 07379755436
Position: nº 2 of 23
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Last review: 27/11/2017
"Felt i was dreaming, being with this girl was awesome. Foxy with a really nice firm b ..."
Found on the:  27/09/2017

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