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Escort 07459686409
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Last review: 07/10/2019
"One of my very good experiences with a girl. None of the photos show how good her fig ..."
Found on the:  24/11/2020

Escort 07783084728
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Last review: 09/05/2019
"Jane is a very friendly girl, very easy to talk to, so I could relax and enjoy my hou ..."
Found on the:  24/11/2020

Escort 07552242725
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Last review: 14/09/2020
"Perfect experience I met this girl in Lincoln last month I can only say , she̵ ..."
Found on the:  22/11/2020

Escort 07780009186
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Last review: 08/08/2019
"Found myself back in Reading again and feeling horny. I was a bit pushed for time so ..."
Found on the:  20/11/2020

Escort 07973872400
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Last review: 01/03/2018
"I have literally just got back from my rendezvous with Anna. She was ready on time, v ..."
Found on the:  21/03/2019

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