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Escort 07749090523
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 8 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 03/06/2023
"Lisa is over 65, wrinkly, droopy but sprightly GILF with blue eyes, long blonde hair, suntanned skin, a firm, slim, toned figure and fresh breath. An old school, vintage brass with 30 plus years experience who is like Helen Mirren acting as cross between a 1960s East End gangster moll and a cockney "
Found on the:  29/09/2023

Mistress in Berkshire
Position: nº 9 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 03/04/2023
"Hot mistress, she defo knows how to put us men in their places. She already has me begging for more! As soon as I came in she made me get on the floor and made sure I knew exactly where I stood to her. Her feet. We met at a nice hotel for 1hr, it cost me £150. Amazing hotel, easy to get to the roo"
Found on the:  27/09/2023

Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 32 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 18/12/2021
"Lovely personality. Pics are must be 10 years old, she's a plus size and knows how to play the game... Was happy to chat and chat and then times up and she left with me feeling mugged off. I paid for an hour and it cost £200 She came to mine which was easy enough. "
Found on the:  29/09/2023

Escort 07551542517
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 1 of 45
  • 2 Reviews
Last review: 21/08/2020
"It’s actually hard to put into words how awesome this girl is. The first time I met her she came to my house for day date. As soon as she got out of the car she had a warm smile on her face and looked unbelievable. We hung out and instantly clicked so it was like being with someone I already k"
Found on the:  02/12/2020

Escort 07518232430
Escort in Bracknell
Position: nº 2 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/04/2022
"Wow. Blown away. It’s the real girl in the pics but much hotter. Around mid 20’s, curvy body, full lips, cheeky smile and sexy eyes. Usually the hot ones give bad service but probably one of my best punts ever. Kissed like lovers. Action has hot and intense. I was struggling to keep up w"
Found on the:  25/05/2022

Escort 07442052539
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 3 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 16/05/2019
"Mel total hottie, really beautiful girl, what you see is what you get. Real pics. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed."
Found on the:  21/03/2020

Escort 07784212054
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 4 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 01/03/2018
"I've had so many iffy experiences this year, that it came as a relief and a delight to meet Amelia. I've been curious about her for a little while. If you met her in public, you would never guess what she does. It was an incall not far from me and welcomed me in and offered me refreshment, which I t"
Found on the:  25/01/2017

Escort 07417359215
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 5 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 22/06/2018
"The pics are real! Good loc, easy parking. Amazing half hour with this superb hot woman, perfect. Big massive tits good sex, and an even better blowjob, cob is obvously the only way to finish. Good girl"
Found on the:  26/06/2018

Escort 07446499724
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 6 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 16/05/2018
"Welcomed with a kiss and cuddle and these continued during the half hour ( and became more passionate).Very nice and chatty. Very erotic blow job without a condom, I did not realise how sexy it could be. If only the wife... Sex in 3 positions but my nerves would allow me to come during sex, so took"
Found on the:  17/05/2018

Escort 07506155931
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 7 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 20/11/2017
"Amazing boobs, amazing pussy, great shag. She's curvy awesomness all round. Stunner"
Found on the:  20/12/2017

Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 10 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 09/02/2021
"She is the BEST, her mouth and hand skills are amazing. Also, her massages are to die for, I felt so at ease. She’ll have you dying for more. You’ll love it "
Found on the:  17/04/2023

Escort 07803004513
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 11 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 11/11/2020
"Sent a request for meet and I was asked few questions which I obliged and answered, meet took abit of time to get to. Real girl from the photo, can’t say if they a student or not. Massage followed up by the services I requested all provided. Very friendly and talkative. Knew English well"
Found on the:  21/10/2020

Escort 07909142884
Escort in Maidenhead
Position: nº 12 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 13/07/2020
"Lucy is about as beautiful as you can get... constantly takes my breath away... there is nothing I would change about her... always welcoming with a radiant smile... shear pleasure! "
Found on the:  03/03/2023

Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 13 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 14/06/2020
"Beautiful and honest, really nice body, friendly and put me at ease, i will visit her again xx good communication, beautiful warm body x"
Found on the:  10/10/2018

Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 14 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 24/01/2020
"Amazing body, super nice, full girlfriend experience, great tits and solir round behind, I had a great time."
Found on the:  04/06/2023

Massages in Bracknell
Position: nº 15 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 27/12/2018
"Sia is friendly, and very good at what she does. He is amazing. She is definately worth a visit. Makes you feel at home, stunning body."
Found on the:  01/05/2023

Escort 07404031218
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 16 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 20/02/2018
"A very petite beautiful lady in the centre of Croydon. She is very friendly and bubbly. As seen in the pictures but she is very cute. Her body has great proportions. Her breasts are very firm. I put girls like her in a category called 'little big tits', if that makes sense? The firmness makes them b"
Found on the:  07/03/2018

Escort 07404365123
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 17 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 08/01/2019
"Crappy day in reading changed into a great day. rang this polish girl and had a good meet. Such a beautiful girl! Very friendly and easygoing with a hot body and smooth wet pussy. Not a clock watcher. Great gfe service. Without a doubt I will be back for more! Not bad for a ton."
Found on the:  24/06/2019

Escort 07552440937
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 18 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 20/12/2018
"Scarlet is a hot Russian, tall with a stunning figure and great bedroom skills. Nice place maybe a little warmer indoors but ok. Good session but a little rushed imho. Very enjoyable hour all the same."
Found on the:  10/06/2019

Escort 07899328727
Escort in Berkshire
Position: nº 19 of 45
  • 1 Review
Last review: 30/11/2017
"Amazing time with a very hot girl, she has beautiful eyes. Good attitude and genuine and enthusiastic. Great ass."
Found on the:  02/05/2018

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